Air duct, air duct covers, Corian units (bistro car) for the IC+ range of passenger coaches manufactured by the MÁV Company Group

For a more competitive railway transportation an up-to-date rolling stock that satisfies 21st century demands is vital. MÁV Company Group started the manufacturing of its individually developed IC+ passenger coaches with the help of government subsidy, in order to transform and provide a quality replacement of its rolling stock for both national and international long-distance traffic. IC+ coaches are made with a considerable amount of domestic added value and work force.

The modern, aesthetic and comfortable IC+ range means the start of a new chapter in Hungarian railway transportation. Within the frameworks of the IC+ program, nearly 500 passenger coaches that meet all demand can be manufactured in the future.

Following the introduction of the first 20, new generation of IC+ coaches manufactured for international transportation from own resources, in August 2019 the manufacturing of 70 IC+ coaches planned for domestic transportation was started. 35 second class coaches with multi-purpose areas have already been completed and put into service. The manufacturing of 35 first class, premium coaches with a bistro section is currently in progress in Szolnok.

Szikametró89 Ltd. has joined the design phase and the manufacturing processes of air ducts and air duct covers planned for use in IC+ carriages already in 2017. We succeeded in winning the bidding procedure, and now we manufacture air ducts and air duct covers for passenger coaches with a multi-purpose area, and first- and second class carriages. We also won the manufacturing of Corian units of the bistro compartment made for first class coaches.

/Source: the website of MÁV Company Group/

Air duct manufactured by our company
The bistro section is developed in the end of the carriage, where various sodas, alcoholic beverages, hot drinks and plain, freshly-prepared dishes, sandwiches, sweets, snacks can be purchased by passengers. MTI/Zoltán Máthé