Parts manufacturing

Our basic company profile and most definitive activity is parts manufacturing.

Within the frameworks of a tender, in 2009 Szikametró89 Ltd. has purchased two CNC-machines – to supplement its existing, traditional machinery – which increased the efficiency and speed of the parts manufacturing activity. Later on, in 2017 we have invested into a Fanuc Robodrill machining center, which allowed us to extend our range of products, making the company more competitive.

We offer an extensive range of products in the field of parts manufacturing. On the one hand, we manufacture various parts used in trackbound vehicles. Including, among others tram consoles, retainers; brake pads for cog railways and funiculars; springs, stud bolts, pins for metro cars; washers, bearing sleeves, couplings for trains; various brake parts for Knorr-Bremse Hungária Ltd., e.g. bushings, rings, couplings; different types of bearings and other parts used in well-drilling machines for private companies, specialized parts for single-purpose machines.

In addition to machine-cut parts, we produce cast and pressed products as well. We have a separate press machine workshop, equipped with a 25- and a 65-ton eccentric press, and a 10-ton hydraulic press.

We have also set up a welding workshop, allowing us to apply welding operations in the course of manufacturing our products, whenever necessary. We further offer the manufacturing of complete welded structures (e.g.: stairways, railings, theatrical accessories, gates).

Within the field of parts manufacturing we are primarily specialized in small- and medium series production, also offering the manufacturing of prototypes and one-piece only parts. In lack of a technical drawing, we can prepare the given product based on a sample piece. We attend the overall manufacturing process from the procurement of the base material, through the process of manufacturing, to post-production procedures (e.g. surface finishing).