Szikametró89 Ltd. is the Hungarian representative of numerous well-known foreign companies; in particular, we represent Austrian, German, Spanish and Italian companies domestically.

In addition to company representation we are also involved in the procurement of materials, parts and goods.

Among others, we offer the procurement of the following products, product types for trackbound vehicles used in Hungary.

  • brake parts, brake discs, brake pads
  • escalator parts (step risers, rollers, main stair track, handrails, vulcanizing unit packages)
  • vehicle-electricity parts
  • hinged members
  • wheel set parts
  • hot-finished monoblock wheel sets
  • running contact parts
  • air filters, valves, air-handling fittings
  • electric porcelains, supporting insulators
  • all types of parts of CAF vehicles
  • windscreen wiper parts
  • drive shaft
  • door and car body parts
  • steering bogie parts
  • procurement of brake blocks
  • control boards and controller parts
  • specific parts related to fastening technology
  • battery cells
  • air-conditioners and air-conditioning equipment,
  • various parts used in DESIRO motor-coach trains
  • products made of rubber