Repair works

Repair work is also a leading activity of Szikametró89 Ltd. We carry out the repair of metal processing products, trackbound vehicles, buses, trolleys, machinery and equipment, just to mention a few.

Repair of electromechanical parts

complete renovation of power-assisted electrical switching mechanisms
repair and renovation of electric controllers
circuit breakers,
isolating switches,
overcurrent protection relays,
reversing switches,
run switches,
train signallers,
repair of train recorders,

Repair of mechanical parts

coupling mechanisms,
drive gears,
interlocking devices,
running contacts,
repair of air-brake parts (brake cylinders, braking force regulators, pressure reducers, safety valves, brake current valves),
We also offer the manufacturing of all spare parts required for repair works.

Repair and maintenance of trackbound vehicles

Renovation of metro car with the track number 100
Renovation of “Bhv” type railway vehicle (air duct-work)
Participation in the renovation of vintage railway carriages
Participation in the renovation of miniature railway (Children’s railway)

Repair of special machinery and equipment

tandem underfloor wheel lathes,
wheel set presses,
funicular cars and drive gears,
Parts used in cog railway vehicles,
chair lift drive gear and cable-cars,
certain parts used in escalators
hydraulic rerailing equipment,
hydraulic rescue equipment