By the end of the 2010s, the manufacturing of brake pads used so far in vehicles operated by the cog railway maintenance plant of BKV Zrt. has become unattainable.
In 2020 and 2021 Szikametró89 Ltd. participated in the development of new brake pads. The purpose of the project was to replace the previous brake pads, by selecting the material and specifying the manufacturing process of future brake pads on the basis of scientific and engineering methodologies. It was imperative, that brake pads are tested first in a laboratory, then under normal traffic circumstances. The nearly two-year long project eventually turned out successful, based on laboratory tests, measurements and improvements, our company has developed a new brake pad, the manufacturing of which was also started after the obtaining of authority permits. Our company supplies brake pads for the cog railway vehicles of BKV Zrt. since then.

In addition to the cog railway, we also supply brake pads for the funiculars of BKV Zrt.